North America the long wait is over

Tail and AutoTail are here

The Tail & AutoTail, mark a new milestone for OptiFlowTM, as a global supplier of Aerodynamic products and in time-record product development.

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WABCO Wins CLEPA Innovation
Award 2017 for its Industry-Leading
OptiFlow AutoTail Aerodynamic Solution for Trailers

Enhances Fuel Efficiency and Lowers Emissions of Commercial Vehicles

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WABCO acquired Laydon Composites Ltd. (LCL), a manufacturer of aerodynamic devices for heavy-duty trucks and trailers

Through the acquisition, WABCO is the only supplier that provides a full range of aerodynamic devices for commercial vehicles worldwide.

Discover Europe's best performing aerodynamic Tail for trailers

Benefit from fuel savings of up to 1.1 liter per 100km.

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Discover OptiFlow's SideWings aerodynamics technology for Trailer sides

Instantly benefit from fuel savings of up to 1.5 liters per 100km.

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OptiFlow™ North America

WABCO's OptiFlow™ has expanded its reach towards a global aerodynamic portfolio

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OptiFlow™ Europe

Starting with the SideWings the product line is now more complete than ever before. After the Tail launch in 2014 OptiFlow is now implementing autonomous technologies with the introduction of the AutoTail in 2016

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Calculate Your Savings

Use our simple OptiFlow™ calculator which can determine potential annual savings from a few input parameters, delivering a tailored estimate for fleets of any size.

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Latest News

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Adoption of trailer rear-end aerodynamic devices increased in 2017, states NACFE

In the last report out, Tuesday August, 28 2018, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency [NACFE] is once again stating the positive results of a

No Limit and its ECO-logistics project has proven OptiFlow benefits once again

It is a pleasure being able to support our customers with products that meet and surpass expectations. 

Here we share the ex



Presenting the Intelligent Trailer Program

OptiFlow™ Sidewings and OptiFlow™ Tail are just two of the products in WABCO’s Intelligent Trailer portfolio. In total, the Intelligent Trailer Program offers over 40 innovative trailer functions designed to increase operational effectiveness, safety and driver comfort.

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