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Europe working on a measurement tool for fuel consumption and CO2 emission of commercial vehicles (VECTO)


Global Trailer's June issue has a comprehensive article on the upcoming fuel and  COregulation for commercial vehicles and its calculation tool VECTO – (Vehicle Energy Consumption Calculation Tool) in Europe.


The tool will give fleets a clear overview of the total environmental footprint per vehicle configuration in order to help meeting expected&


Building a “Road For efficiency”


On June 9thTransport & Environment’s road to efficiency event took place in Brussels.

During the event, high emphasis was given to the need of fuel economy standards in the region. A clear execution example shows how the implementation of Phase II standards will trigger North American technology adoption.

Europe is currently the world largest heavy duty market that has not implemented any emission or fuel economy standards. The ICCT stated that if the [EU ...


OptiFlow SideWings, part of a new aerodynamic trailer concept


Dutch trailer builder Van der Peet has extended their Kolibri portfolio. The new Kolibri Streamer is a completely aerodynamic driven design that has OptiFlow in its DNA.


All in all, the design aims to minimize fuel consumption by means of reduced weight and an improved aerodynamic shape. Therefore, OptiFlow SideWings are being offered as a standard on the Kolibri Streamer that based on several tests yielded combined fuel savings of 5 liter per 100km at 60km/h when compared to the standard Ko ...


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