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OptiFlow at the European Platooning Challenge 2016


On Wednesday April 6th, the OptiFlow team took part in the European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The attendance of 6 major truck manufacturers at the event, showcasing their autonomous driving and platooning capabilities reflected the strong buy-in from the industry at large. The initiative is expected to increase the transport sector’s competitiveness while reducing CO2 emissions.

Today, local governments, tractor and trailer manufacturers, ...


DAF chooses OptiFlow to support its European platooning challenge 2016 success


On April 6th, DAF will showcase WABCO’s OptiFlow SideWings during the launch of the European platooning challenge 2016.  DAF selected OptiFlow’s advanced aerodynamic technology to enable its platoon to benefit from a more optimal airflow across the individual trucks, reducing air resistance and improving overall fuel consumption.


Mercedes-Benz sports WABCO's SideWings & Tails during platooning trials


The importance of proper airflow cannot be underestimated to enable platooning working effectively thus, supporting efficiency and fuel savings.

Mercedes-Benz's technological milestone event is already shaping the future of transport logistics and we are very proud our high efficiency aerodynamic products have been chosen to support ...


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