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Mercedes-Benz sports WABCO's SideWings & Tails during platooning trials


The importance of proper airflow cannot be underestimated to enable platooning working effectively thus, supporting efficiency and fuel savings.

Mercedes-Benz's technological milestone event is already shaping the future of transport logistics and we are very proud our high efficiency aerodynamic products have been chosen to support ...


The North American Council for Freight Efficiency, NACFE confidence report on trailer aerodynamics is out


It looks at how the mindset within the industry has changed towards aerodynamics. In North America today, there is no longer a discussion on the importance of aerodynamics trailer add-ons. Nowadays, the main topic is when and how to upgrade fleets with aero devices .

Here the link for the complete report ...


Transport Compleet + OptiFlow Tail


A special occasion deserves special attention. The OptiFlow Tail is being showcased on this edition of the Transport Compleet in Hardenberg, NL.

We are very enthusiastic with System Trailers' interest in promoting OptiFlow at the fair.



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