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OptiFlow 1-on-1 with our customers. A fruitful and dynamic encounter to learn from experience, looking forward to improve our products and yet explain why we are best.





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Aerodynamic devices decrease fuel consumption and harmful CO2 emissions


Every day thousands of trailers ride the Dutch roads. Trucks pulling trailers use enormous amounts of fossil fuels. Currently available technologies offer the possibility of decreasing fuel consumption while minimizing C02   emissions. WABCO has developed aerodynamic solutions for trailers to lower the environmental impact of commercial vehicles. Dr. Gandert Van Raemdonck, WABCO's Head of Research and Development for Aerodynamics, ...


Aerodynamics Can Help to Meet Upcoming CO2 Regulations


Assessing sales trends over the past ten years illustrates that the trend in the EU is towards heavier vehicles and larger engines, more similar to those currently being sold in the US. Five truck manufacturers, namely Volkswagen, Volvo, Daimler, PACCAR, and Iveco, dominate the EU market. Three of these manufacturers (Volvo, Daimler, and PACCAR) are also dominant in the US market. Projections, based on existing and proposed regulations in the US demonstrate that HDV efficiency trends in the EU a ...


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