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As fuel prices peak, aerodynamic product’s ROI to even get more attractive


It is no mystery, in 2018 global fuel prices are steadily rising. And this is already affecting transport trucking industry fees especially in the USA.  Trucks.com’s article (

link: Shippers, Truckers Face Diesel Prices 22 Percent Above A Year Ago


European Commission's first ever CO2 standards proposal for new HDV


On may 17th the EC has proposed the upcoming standards to minimize heavy duty transport’s footprint, committing to the Paris agreement.

Here a segment of the Clean Mobility proposal from the EC’s climate change site.

CO2 emission reduction targets


Financial support applicable to OptiFlow Tail in The Netherlands


OptiFlow Tail has a very important advantage being a sustainable product. 

In an effort to reduce carbon footprint from heavy duty vehicles, The Netherlands is offering tax deductions when investing in OptiFlow Tail via the Energie Investeringsaftrek (EIA). 


This also applies to OptiFlow SideWings which are already included in the


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