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C02 friendly semi-trailers to pay less in European tolls? It may happen soon


There is maybe room for such scenario as the European Commission may propose to have toll charges based on comparable C02 footprint results of each individual tractor semi-trailer configuration.

This potential change could trigger important fleet updates that will, after all, not only benefit road freight customers by having a complete C02 impact assessment but also all of us as individuals.

Here the reuters


WABCO Launches Industry-Leading Aerodynamic Solutions for Trailers in North America; Showcases OptiFlow AutoTail and Tail at TMC Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition


ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. and NASHVILLE, Tenn., February 27, 2017 – WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC), a leading global supplier of technologies that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, today announced the North America premiere of OptiFlow™ AutoTail and Tail as part of its showcase of industry-leading aerodynamics technologies at TMC Annual Meeting and Transpo ...


Transformers - Impressive photography with a clear message!


We are excited to share some new images of the prototype vehicle being used to test the TRANSFORMERS' concept, which we introduced to you in one of our previous editions.

Transformers, also known as -Configurable and Adaptable Trucks and Trailers for Optimal Transport Efficiency- are a hot item in aerodynamics today and WABCO's OptiFlow SideWings and Tail are part of this breakthrough development. The results of tests done with the trailer will be compared to all new implemented technol ...


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