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Transformers - Impressive photography with a clear message!


We are excited to share some new images of the prototype vehicle being used to test the TRANSFORMERS' concept, which we introduced to you in one of our previous editions.

Transformers, also known as -Configurable and Adaptable Trucks and Trailers for Optimal Transport Efficiency- are a hot item in aerodynamics today and WABCO's OptiFlow SideWings and Tail are part of this breakthrough development. The results of tests done with the trailer will be compared to all new implemented technol ...


2016 brought more interest to aerodynamics than ever before


In retrospective 2016, was a great year for aerodynamics and here a brief summary of some articles that made it count for OptiFlow.

Aerodynamics, a must in the future

Dutch publication, EVO Magazine - Vervoer, has published a visionary article on what the future holds for tractor and trailer design.The article expects Aerodynamics to play a major role in this future. It forecasts a real change in the development of more streamlined trailer shapes which will continue driving efficiency i ...


Kraker Trailers goes with OptiFlow for K-force moving floorline


Dutch company, Kraker Trailers has streamlined their K-force moving floor line, incorporating both OptiFlow's Tail and SideWings. 

Convinced of the value, Kraker has launched a promotional video displaying the daily operation of a trailer, demonstrating that OptiFlow's aerodynamic solutions will not hinder usage nor vehicle maneuvering, a flexible solution that will enable its trailers to reduce their fuel consumption!

Take a look at Kraker's K-for


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