Aerodynamics Can Help to Meet Upcoming CO2 Regulations


Assessing sales trends over the past ten years illustrates that the trend in the EU is towards heavier vehicles and larger engines, more similar to those currently being sold in the US. Five truck manufacturers, namely Volkswagen, Volvo, Daimler, PACCAR, and Iveco, dominate the EU market. Three of these manufacturers (Volvo, Daimler, and PACCAR) are also dominant in the US market. Projections, based on existing and proposed regulations in the US demonstrate that HDV efficiency trends in the EU are relatively flat compared with a trend towards annual efficiency improvements in the US.

Noting the many similarities between the EU and US HDV markets, it is likely that many of the same technologies could be applied to the HDV fleet in the EU as are expected in the US under the Phase 1 and 2 efficiency regulations (such as improved aerodynamics for trailers, automatic tire inflation, and improved engine efficiency).

Next steps resulting from this work are to study, at a more detailed level, the potential baseline CO2 reduction and cost savings from available and emerging HDV efficiency technologies.


"Overview of the Heavy-duty Vehicle Market and CO2 Emissions in the European Union" (PDF) by Rachel Muncrief and Ben Sharpe, dated December 1 2015, is licensed under CreativeCommons 4.0.