As fuel prices peak, aerodynamic product’s ROI to even get more attractive


It is no mystery, in 2018 global fuel prices are steadily rising. And this is already affecting transport trucking industry fees especially in the USA.’s article (link: Shippers, Truckers Face Diesel Prices 22 Percent Above A Year Ago) is making a clear analysis of the aftermath scenario for shippers and the trucking industry. 

The most notable example in the article, is an approach towards increasing a tractor-trailer combination miles per gallon performance.

“Truckers are adapting to higher fuel costs by investing in more fuel-efficient trucks and aerodynamic trailers to increase their mileage”

It is clear then, that to be less vulnerable to the volatility of fuel prices the best is to have as many as possible fuel economy technologies in place.

Aerodynamics, being part of such available technologies can reduce up to 10% fuel consumption while its ROI is getting even shorter as fuel prices are on the rise.