European Commission's first ever CO2 standards proposal for new HDV


On may 17th the EC has proposed the upcoming standards to minimize heavy duty transport’s footprint, committing to the Paris agreement.

Here a segment of the Clean Mobility proposal from the EC’s climate change site.

CO2 emission reduction targets

In 2025, the average CO2 emissions of new heavy duty vehicles will have to be 15% lower, compared to 2019. This target is mandatory and can be achieved using technologies that are already available on the market.

In 2030, emissions have to be at least 30% lower. This target is aspirational, giving long-term direction. It will be reviewed in 2022 to incorporate additional information on the new technologies needed to meet this target.

As a first step, the CO2 emission standards are proposed for large lorries, which account for 65% to 70% of all CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles.

In 2022, the scope will be extended to include other vehicle types such as smaller lorries, buses, coaches and trailers.”

Read the complete proposal in the EC portal

This shift will empower development towards a sustainable growth in the trucking business but what is more important is that the proposal is already looking forward to the full picture including up in 2022,  trailers among others,  as a part of the scope.