Must see Heavy Duty Vehicle reports published from GFEI & ICCT


2018 approaches and yearly reports are out seeking to balance the world of economic growth with that of sustainability. This week the input comes from the Global Fuel Economy Initiative [GFEI] and from the International Council on Clean Transportation [ICCT]

GFEI’s Targeting Heavy Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy focuses on the imminence of global standards for tractors with special attention given to growing economies such as Latin America, India and China. Tractors, quoting the document, are becoming the fastest growing source of global oil demand. Therefore, policies towards the implementation of fuel economy technologies should slow high fuel demand and control the rapidly increasing greenhouse emissions. It is still worth highlighting that aerodynamics along with engine efficiency are the two most influential available efficiency improvements there are.

Have a look to the complete document from GFEI here

On the other hand, the ICCT just released the European Vehicle Market Statistics 2017/2018. A comprehensive guide including all car manufacturing figures, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions & technologies in Europe. Although the guide is not oriented to HDVs, it is a very complete source of information. Click here for the complete document.