The 2016 Greenhouse Gas emissions report from the European Environmental Agency is available now


Emissions from all member states, where only the Transport & Residential sectors are growing their emissions. [Energy sector emissions, EU, change 2015-2016; EEA]

On November the 7th, the European Environmental Agency shared the latest assessment on CO2 emissions for the complete year 2016.

The Approximated EU greenhouse gas inventory 2016 is available HERE

In general, cleaner energy production and lower fuel consumption are the major positive contributors in the efforts to achieve a 20% GHG reduction by 2020.Something worth highlighting is the analysis made by sectors (see graph) where it is very evident that increasing transport emissions are negatively affecting the overall balance.

Such waste of energy specially in long hauling can easily be reduced with the application of available technologies e.g. aerodynamics, which could be implemented to drastically reduce GHG emissions.

Have a look to the complete briefing on the link above and to the news post from the European Environmental Agency website HERE