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OptiFlow SideWings, part of a new aerodynamic trailer concept


Dutch trailer builder Van der Peet has extended their Kolibri portfolio. The new Kolibri Streamer is a completely aerodynamic driven design that has OptiFlow in its DNA.


All in all, the design aims to minimize fuel consumption by means of reduced weight and an improved aerodynamic shape. Therefore, OptiFlow SideWings are being offered as a standard on the Kolibri Streamer that based on several tests yielded combined fuel savings of 5 liter per 100km at 60km/h when compared to the standard Ko ...


NACFE confidence report: Tractor Aerodynamics


The NACFE has recently published a new report on Tractor Aerodynamics. The document emphasizes the importance of aerodynamic devices on Class 8 trucking, including day-cabs.

Currently, highly efficient aerodynamic features being offered from truck builders continue paying-off even with lower fuel prices and lower speeds, the report states. An assessment matrix is included showing available aerodynamic features and products and their level of potential adoption.We encourage you to download the ...




Once again, two weeks of intense wind tunnel testing...












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