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News Update on European Legislation


Road transport in Europe is about to get a lot more clean and sustainable as the upcoming legislation is pushing towards a faster transition to green technologies, better transport and mobility and improved workers' social and employment conditions within the road haulage sector.

With the European Commission's take on post 2020 emissions standards, for the very first time the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption will be monitored and reported for heavy-duty vehicles.

Have a look to the EC's <lin ...


OptiFlow on "fire"


OptiFlow to support the ring of fire project with the TU-Delft

The project aims to understand and visualize all aerodynamic forces involved around an athlete in competition. It allows to have real aerodynamic flow analysis in an open environment. An object is moving through an arch that ejects soap bubbles (i.e. a ring of fire) and with advanced laser techniques the aerodynamic drag coefficient can be determined.

The potential offered as the techniques and protocols are set up is ...


Japan welcomes OptiFlow


From May 24 through May 26, 2017 OptiFlow was showcased for the first time in Japan at the Automotive Engineering Exposition in Yokohama.

In six delightful presentations during the show, the technology and features of our OptiFlow products AutoTail and SideWing have been introduced to the visitors. Now, Japanese engineers have a new choice to contribute to both, fuel economy and a reduced carbon footprint for commercial heavy duty trailers.

We are looking forward to seeing the first aerodyna ...


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