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TrailerSkirt listed as CARB Preliminary Approved Aerodynamic Device


WABCO’s TrailerSkirt has been listed in the California Air Resource Board (CARB) tracking document presenting all pre-approved aerodynamic technologies. TrailerSkirt is therefore, compliant with CARB’s Phase 2 GHG Trailer Certification, beginning January 1, 2020. To date, a total of six WABCO devices have been issued executive orders. The overview of all preliminary approved aerodynamic devices and executive orders can be found on the CA Phase 2 GHG Trailer Certification page or via this <li ...


OptiFlow at SAE’s COMVEC 2019 technical sessions on Aerodynamic drag


One of WABCO OptiFlow’s members will be presenting at the Society of Automotive Engineers [SAE] COMVEC 2019. The event is to be held from September 9-11, 2019 in Indianapolis, IN.

Under the title 'Adaptable aerodynamic surfaces towards reduced drag coefficients of semi-trailers' the presentation will introduce to the work that has been done within the AeroFlex


CARB’s Helpful Tips for Trailer Certification


On May 30th, the California Air Resources Board made public the long awaited Helpful Tips for Trailer Certification Phase 2 Trailer Standards.

On the enclosed link the explanatory document depicts the stringent standards roadmap, vehicles and technologies approvals, all the involved parties and especially the applicable market for trailer builders to meet these standards.

OptiFlow’s North American product line will be pre-approved and therefore compliant with CARB’s GHG phase


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