Europe’s best performing aerodynamic Tail for trailers

Designed for use on any trailer

OptiFlow™ Tail is Europe’s best performing aerodynamic trailer tail. Designed for use on any trailer featuring rear swing doors, the hard-wearing panels channel airflow around the rear of a vehicle, providing a smoother, more efficient ride. The Tail delivers fuel savings of up to 1.1 liter per 100 km at highway speeds.

OptiFlowTM Tail is a highly pragmatic, slick and yet robust design. The OptiFlowTM Tail panels are deployed in seconds: the top panel is operated by a simple lever and the side panels are directly operated, allowing trailer doors to be opened either together or one at a time. You can see the OptiFlow Tail video also in YouTube.

Proven in wind tunnel at every stage, advanced computer simulations, and on the test track

OptiFlowTM Tail smooth transitions from the trailer rear edge yield high aerodynamic drag reduction, it works as good as it looks. The durable panels are pre-colored , however the panels material will allow custom painting to be in line with companies' brand identity.

OptiFlowTM Tail is easy to install, utilizing a modular design created specifically to reduce downtime and which allows the panels to be fitted with the minimum of preparation.
Additional product benefits:

  • Door mounted, facilitating integration into manufacturing lines.
  • Mounted in place with a minimum number of fasteners.
  • Compliant with European legislation on weight and dimensions
  • Panels with outstanding surface quality, ready for companies' advertising

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