Trailer Aerodynamics

More than 25 years of experience in Aerodynamics

WABCO supplies trailer fairings for trailers, new or used, to improve aerodynamics for major fuel savings. The fairings are designed to withstand the harsh application environment and are flexible when encountering an obstacle.

TrailerSkirt ™

Lightweight aerodynamic side skirt technology for trailers

The Fastest skirts on the market to install due to their minimal amount of components

WABCO has designed several fairings styles for North American trailers incorporating different features and materials to custom fit any trailer providing the customer with endless choice. The resulting products accommodate to customers' objectives whether it is to achieve maximum fuel savings, minimize acquisition costs or install quickly while meeting EPA SmartWay requirements. Several trailer fairing styles are available.

OptiFlow Side Fairings

Advanced aerodynamics with EPA SmartWay standalone certifications.

OptiFlow ™ TrailerSkirt ™
Mono Clamp technology and deformable lateral skirts offered in diverse length choices.

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OptiFlow ™ TrailerSkirt ™ Wishbone
Mono Clamp technology with a central deformable panel.

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OptiFlow ™ TrailerSkirt ™ Classic
The nicest looking and strong aerodynamic modular skirt solution.

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OptiFlow Rear Fairings

The Tail & AutoTail, mark a new milestone for OptiFlowTM, as a global supplier of Aerodynamic products

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OptiFlow Front Fairings

WABCO’s designed, developed and tested devices composed of either one or three pieces to reduce the open space between the tractor rear and the trailer front.

By reducing this space, without interfering with mobility, tractor-trailer aerodynamics is greatly improved, especially in side angled wind conditions. Recognized by EPA as a fuel saving device leading to a Smartway designation. Easily installed on new or used trailers, bolts to the front face of the trailer for a secure, firm attachment without interfering with hookups, ID plates and placards.

Nose Fairing

3-piece plastic body that fits reefer or dry vans. High impact resistance and basic modularity whilst offering 1% fuel savings at highway speeds. On request at several OET’s, or as aftermarket, offering installation times as short as 4h


  • Aerodynamically designed to fill the cab area between the tractor and the front of a dry trailer shielding the negative effects of crosswinds to optimize fuel savings and driving stability
  • The three piece nose fairing design allows for easy installation and fit to any trailer wall, as does the one piece nose fairing and the vortex stabilizer
  • Does not interfere with turning radius of tractor
  • Open design to avoid interference with hook up
  • Provides a highly visible area for graphics
  • Rust resistant fasteners
  • Fiberglass construction for years of life, UV stable with no thermal expansion
  • Maintenance free and should be included trailer's periodic inspection routine
  • EPA Smartway recognized
  • Proprietary design and construction

Custom aerodynamics to fulfill your fleet’s specific requests.


Universal Deflectors

Generic, light aerodynamics for the tractor cab

  • Adjustable design to facilitate desired deflection angle for optimum fuel savings or clearance
  • Designed to fit factory installed cab mounting brackets
  • Easy to install with clean look and minimal connection points with tractor cabin
  • One unit for both, city and highway applications
  • Available in 35" or 41" heights with 68" width
  • Backlight feature available
  • Available in North America
  • Computer simulations indicating fuel savings of up to 5% at US highway speeds (65 mph)
  • Long field life and resistant to damage

OptiFlow products are now supported by the WABCO North America Customer Care Center. To reach the Customer Care Center, please call (855) 228-3203 or email wnacustomercare@wabco-auto.com (for technical service questions) or wabconaorders@wabco-auto.com (for service parts ordering support). The Customer Care Center is open from Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. EST.