An EPA’s SmartWay 4% verified solution

GHG phase 2* BIN III certified rear aerodynamic tail

OptiFlowTM Tail, is the ideal entry level rear aerodynamic solution.


A reliable, powerful and yet small tail that compete against larger, bulkier devices. Sharing design experiences from its international made counterpart, this Tail has several modifications that make it a unique offering for the North American market.

OptiFlowTM Tail is ideal to evaluate a in the fleet’s working environment and can easily be upgraded to incorporate AutoTail’s features.Have a look at the intro video where the concept is explained.

OptiFlow Tail intro video also in YouTube.

Vibration chamber test at University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Most may mention testing as a selling point. But few could mention, temperature chamber, vibration chamber, wind tunnel and operational testing as part of their development and validation processes.



Construction & Operation

OptiFlowTM Tail has been submitted to the harshest environment under automotive testing standards, assuring peace of mind, lowest subjected total cost of ownership for a solid return of investment.

The lightweight plastic construction of the components are durable and reliable when compared to heavier and expensive metal components.

Weather chamber test at University of Ontario Institute of Technology.
OptiFlow Tail, an entry level & upgradable rear aerodynamic solution

OptiFlow's Tail is not only an EPA GHG phase 2 BIN III solutions, it also offers SmartWay's verified 4.3% fuel savings.

A simple yet robust mechanism and a two step process to activate or retract requiring minimal driver intervention.

Once a Tail has been folded close, a trailer’s operation is as ordinary as without a Tail.

The Tail’s patented top-panel design allows its deformation to wedge into the reduced available space between door and trailer side, this to allow larger door operating angles. Rear-door opening angle range reduce merely 10 degrees1. Therefore, the trailer can operate as usual, top marking lights are unhindered and doors chainstays will work, just as in any other trailer.

Panels and struts are made of robust automotive-grade injection molded TPO plastic; brackets, stiffeners, pneumatic cylinders and connectors are manufactured from high quality stainless steel and aluminum for maximum rust resistance.


Subject to trailer door construction


The most salient aspect of the Tail design is its aerodynamic dimensional shape. Panels were carefully designed to outperform standard flat panels. The panels are shaped to closely follow optimum aerodynamic flow. The side panels have a meeting horizontal area that overlaps the top panels to provide an unhindered joint.

It is surely the first Tail that has a gradual transition, merging the trailer’s side with the tail’s lateral panels. And when looked at closely, its elongated top panels pop up. This, is not just an aesthetic gimmick; it is in fact an aerodynamic feature. At the sides air flows unhindered from trailer to tail, but at the top an offset was required by law to allow top marking-lights visibility. To counteract the effects of such offset in the flow, this newly designed component will re-attach the flow, reducing rear low body pressure and therefore increasing the overall system performance.

This, resulting from months of CFD2 and wind tunnel testing with more than 100 tail designs making this particular design the undoubtable selected winner.


Computational Fluid Dynamics


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