OptiFlowâ„¢ TrailerSkirtâ„¢ Classic

This trailer fairing line is modular in design to accommodate desired coverage, just 6 panels per side is EPA SmartWay compliant, easily expandable to 7, 8 or 9 panels providing more coverage for more fuel savings. With the addition of a flexible, tough, rubber edge option the fuel savings are even greater.

The multiple panel design allows easy replacement and may minimize the number of components to be replaced. The Classic trailer fairing is made of lightweight impact resistant, injection molded plastic, proven in automotive applications.


Product Features and Benefits

  • Aerodynamically designed and tested for proven fuel savings
  • EPA SmartWay approved as standalone device
  • Fits all trailers new or used - no drilling into or welding onto the trailer
  • Thermoplastic material is resilient to freezing and hot temperatures (-60 F to +190 F)
  • Modular design to accommodate desired coverage of 6 to 9 panels per side
  • Can be painted and decaledSpecial crank handle insert covers landing gear for further coverage
  • Optional 5 inch flexible, durable rubber edge to increase fuel savings
  • Improves stability and handling in cross winds
  • Helps reduce road spray
  • Patented
  • Designed to allow for quick and easy replacement of components
  • Stainless steel and/or zinc coated fasteners
  • All components are recyclable and at the end of the product's life the complete unit can be recycled for a recovery of costs
  • Ongoing maintenance free
  • Available in North America